THE GOOD SHEPHERD CHRISTIAN HOME DAYCARE/PRESCHOOL does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national origin.


Daycare hours are 7:30A.M. - 6:00P.M.


Please refer to the "Fees Schedule" form


There is a two week trial period for provider, parent and child.  Any agreements may be terminated during that period.  the trial period is three weeks for part-time enrollment.


DIVORCE AND SEPARATION OF PARENTS IS PAINFUL.  Please keep us up to date on any information that may be pertinent to the care of your child/children such as status of physical custody.  A child may be released to each parent unless a court order is provided that states which parent may or may not pick up the child/children.


If a parent chooses to have their child/children leave the program, a two weeks written notice must be given to the director of the program.  If the child is absent for three days and the parent did not notify the Director, the child will be discontinued from the program.


The director of the THE GOOD SHEPHERD CHRISTIAN HOME DAYCARE/PRESCHOOL has the right to dismiss any child after three verbal warnings with parent's signature for any misbehavior.

If there is any case of gross misconduct by parent/guardian or extreme behavior from a child which endangers the health and welfare of any other children in care the care may be terminated immediately.



For the safety of your child and other children at THE GOOD SHEPHERD CHRISTIAN HOME DAYCARE/PRESCHOOL, we ask if your child has a heavy runny nose, heavy cough, of high temperature, vomiting 2 or 3 times in 24hrs, body rash, lice or nits, diarrhea more than 3 times in 24hrs, eye infection - mucus or pus from the eye, sore throat - includes fever or swollen glands, fever - body temperature of over 100 degrees or any potentially contagious disorder -  please keep the child at home until, this condition is resolved.  This applies to any of the illness that may have an effect on other children. We at THE GOOD SHEPHERD CHRISTIAN HOME DAYCARE/PRESCHOOL would like to continue to keep a safe and healthy environment.  I would like parents of our child/children who are "the future men and women of tomorrow" to help us strive for a goal to provide the best care possible.


We the staff of THE GOOD SHEPHERD CHRISTIAN HOME DAYCARE/PRESCHOOL, will not be held responsible for any jewelry that your child looses therefore we recommend that you do not send your child with any jewelry.


All fees are due on Monday morning.  A charged of $20 will be applied if payments are made after 2 days for example late fee begins on Wednesday.  No child will be accepted on Thursday if no payment is made.  All payments should be paid either with cash or money order only.  If the child is absent by your own choosing to keep him/her at home for any reason, one week or more, the same fee still applies.  If your child is absent after two weeks and payment is not made, your child will be dismissed from the program.  If the child is absent and fees are not paid after the two days grace period, the late fees will be applied.


If someone other than a parent or legal guardian is to pick up your child/children, please inform us by sending a note signed by the parent or guardian, or by telling us when you are dropping off your child that same day.  The person will be required to present their ID.  If a note is not provided, we will try to contact you by phone, but we will not be allowed to release your child without any written notice.  If your child has to be kept extra in a situation like this, there will be a late fee of $20

Children should arrive clean and dressed in comfortable play clothes.  Parents should notify caregivers of any injuries, visible and non-visible, which have occurred prior to drop-off.  The staff will conduct visual check of each at drop-off. 

All children who attend the DAYCARE/PRESCHOOL should purchase a T-SHIRT. The cost of the T-shirt is $14.The T-shirt is worn on Wednesdays and Fridays.



Blankets, sheets and other nap items are to be provided by parent/guardian.  Also, diapers, baby wipes, 2 sets of clean clothes.


All full-time children will be served breakfast, lunch, and snacks.  Meals will be nutritionally balanced and menu will follow the guidelines recommended by the USDA child-care food program.    Breakfast ends at 9:00A.M.  If dropping off a child later than 8:45A.M., please be sure that they are fed a proper breakfast at home.

A weekly menu is posted for parent’s convenience.

Except in cases of allergies, illness or religious reasons requiring a special diet, please do not send any food with children.   This includes candy, gum, cookies, chips or cereal as they may cause disruption or conflicts with other children in the program. No pork, shrimp, crab or unscale fish will be served here.


THE GOOD SHEPHERD CHRISTIAN HOME DAYCARE/PRESCHOOL will be closed on the following holidays.  However, payment is still due. New Years Day, Martin Luther King Jr., Presidents day, Good Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day (2 days), Christmas (2 days).  If the holiday falls on a weekend, we will be closed the following weekday, e.g. If Christmas Day is on Saturday, Daycare will be closed the following Monday.


Potty training is a team effort between you and your child.  The Good Christian Home Daycare/Preschool  will be happy to assist in that effort while your toddler is learning to use the potty.  Potty training must begin at home over a long period of time.  While children are learning to use the potty, only elastic waist pants & dresses are allowed.  No belts, zippers, buttons, overalls or onesies.

According to health regulations, all soiled clothes will be placed in a plastic bag for parents to take home and wash.


Television watching will not be a regular part of our daily routine.  On occasion, when bad weather prevents outdoor activity, children may watch a limited amount of an educational/children's video.  Desktop computer, laptop and Ipad may be used as part of the daily activity and curriculum. Our curriculum is Creative Curriculum.



Communication is a vital essence of our Daycare and we would like to meet with parents once a month (last Friday) of each month to discuss your child/children progress and needs.



Our curriculum is Creative Curriculum for preschool.


_______________________   ______________

Parent/Guardian Signature                                          Date


_______________________   _______________

Provider’s Signature                                                        Date




Discipline is to help each child develop the internal self-control and problem-solving skills to manage better as they grow and become adults.  We cannot allow children to injure themselves or others or destroy property.  The limits we set protect and teach respect for themselves, the rights of others, and our environment.  We desire to strengthen each child’s own cultural identity, while instilling a respect for others who might be different.  We never embarrass or ridicule a child when he/she misbehaves; nor do we allow physical punishment.  We use positive tactics that strengthen self-esteem.  Most situations can be handled by redirecting the child to another, more appropriate activity.











CHRISTMAS DAY (2 days) If Christmas Day is on Saturday, Daycare will be closed the following Monday.




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